3 Easy Steps on How to Breed & Share Positivity this Holiday Season

The busy holiday season is officially upon us!  You've done so much work to get exactly where you are today. Whether it involved increasing your workout routine, staying committed to your goals, "cleaning out" people and things that no longer worked for you or learning more about what you really want in your life, there has been tremendous progress over the year. 

Allow yourself to take a few moments to reflect on your accomplishments and growth this year and genuinely congratulate yourself for your hard work and dedication. Sure, everything involves luck and universal guidance; but at the end of the day, there is nobody but you who can put action behind your intentions. 

The holiday season brings up a lot for all of us - memories of how things used to be when we were young or being around family members we know are a little hostile and disapproving of our lives. Whatever it may be, I am here to remind you that you have tools to keep you not only sane around the dinner table but actually shedding light unto others. Below are 3 tips to keep you exactly where you need to be this holiday season - in the bubble of positivity. After all, this is what true holiday cheer really encompasses. 

1. Acceptance of the present moment. When we all get together, especially with our parents and ones who have known us since we were just little tots, it's easy for us to shift into a reminiscing state of mind. This is absolutely OK and is usually quite a fun experience. The challenge lies in what happens to us afterwards. Reminiscing usually brings us to a mental position of reveling on how things used to be, and our emotions bring us to a state of disappointment, specifically about ourselves. 

The good news is that you absolutely have an opportunity to focus on the positive rather than flood your mind and body with negative emotions. We are all our own best friends but also our worst enemies. When fellow family members or friends start inquiring about specific choices you made on your life and yearning for "how things used to be", you have the power to shift the tone of the conversation. A quick reply could be "Yes, weren't those times wonderful? What is even more wonderful is that we are all here together again now." When all else fails, just remember to stay in your heart space. From a spiritual perspective, everybody is doing the best they can and so are you. Stay in the present and stay positive in your holiday conversations! 

2. Be Vulnerable. Most of us are guilty of shutting ourselves off to a certain degree around family members. Sometimes this is a part of our self-care, knowing we simply can't "go there" with certain people. Other times, it may be simply because we have "given up" on tapping into the depth of what certain relationships may have to offer.

What I would like to offer you this holiday season is to begin to cultivate a sense of awareness around the relationships you have. Ask yourself - "Is there more I can give?", "What can I offer to this person from a genuine place?".  The truth is, many people are in scenario two, where they have chosen to no longer attempt to have certain conversations with family members. This is a very common place to be and is a classic parent-child relationship, especially when the child has matured into their adult years. The holidays are constantly giving you an opportunity to emerge out of the edges of your comfort zone as the gains on the other side could be exactly what you need and tremendously beneficial for the other person as well.

This holiday season, look at the undesired encounters as an opportunity to let yourself be vulnerable. Share from your heart, even if it is the smallest bit of detail. It could really resonate with the person in which you share it with and inspire them to share their story. Everybody has a story and the more we honestly share ours, the more we create a platform for others to share and heal as well. 

3. Humbly Give & Receive Love. The usual key words that come to mind during the holidays are gratitude, cheer, merry and peace. The undertone among all of these is love. Without love, we are not able to be happy and feel at peace for we are still resonating in a state of fear. This holiday season, I offer for you to choose love as many times as you can. In your family conversations, in your encounters with strangers, at your workplace and in your own heart. The more we personally focus on love within ourselves, accept ourselves exactly as we are and love every single part of us, the more we can humbly give love to others. 

Take a few moments to think about what things in your current life you are still not surrendering to love. Is it your body image? Your career? Your relationship with your family? Whatever it may be, try journaling for a few minutes to see what specifically comes up for you. When you have compiled a list, rather than be filled with ill-emotions regarding the subject, make an action plan in which how you will promise yourself to counter these fears with love. Perhaps it will be saying a loving daily mantra to yourself about your body or liberating yourself from the tasks that no longer serve you. Whatever they may be, know that there is another route waiting for you; the route of love. This road is unconditional and ever accepting. It surrounds you when you sleep and is there waiting for you when you wake up. It has no judgement and no place for fear. This is the path of love. 

Immerse yourself in all aspects of love this holiday season. Give love in your conversations, relationships and actions, and receive love from every place that is willing to offer it to you. Be open to love and watch the magic live through you throughout this holiday season!