Mantra & Positive Affirmation - The Recipe for a Clear Mind & Happy Heart


Used for centuries by the yogis, mantras have been utilized for transformations in consciousness across the globe. Whether they were focusing on treating specific illnesses, controlling their thoughts or praying for something particular, mantras were an integral part of their everyday life.

The word mantra is separated into two Sanskrit words; "man", meaning mind, and "tra", meaning instrument. If we flow those two meanings together, we begin to grasp the concept of mantras being instruments to quiet the mind. In addition to quieting the mind by focusing on a word or phrase, mantras change the energetic vibration within us by calming the nervous system and gaining a sense of peace within the mind-body connection. If we believe that every single word and action we have and do has an equal effect within the universe, then by definition, making the conscious effort to practice mantras and positive affirmations within our personal lives will not only positively affect our individual vibrations but the holistic universal vibration as well.

Mantras have been used in several different avenues and can be effective, regardless of the route. As long as our intentions are pure and our hearts are open, the magic will not cease to exist. Believe because you are! Believe because you can! Believe because you are love and light itself. As the great mystic poet Rumi says, “Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do the visible world”.  

As our lives continue to get more demanding and full of day-to-day tasks, there is no doubt that our cortisol levels continue to rise. More scientific research continues to release documenting the association of stress to many prevalent life compromising diseases. This being said, mantras can aid our everyday lives in quieting the “monkey mind”, or the mind chatter, and centering ourselves in our souls; trusting that we are absolutely being supported, guided and unconditionally loved through this joyous journey.


Below are some actionable steps to begin implementing some mantras & positive affirmations into your everyday living, leading you to a balanced and universally connected mind & body.

1. Set an intention and claim that state of being-

Try starting your day with setting an intention and taking few moments to let yourself really FEEL as if you have already achieved this goal or state of being.

For example, if your intention is to be healthy and healed for the day or week, create a phrase that affirms your state in already claiming this as your reality. Such statements could be: “Today I am healthy, radiant and vivacious. My mind and body are aligned with spirit and every step I take I feel the abundance of all things good in my life!”

“I am safe. I am healed. I am whole and I am love itself. Let me be guided to nothing but bright white light, today and for all the days to come.”


2. Practice japa meditation-

Japa meditation, the practice of either silently or audibly repeating mantras, has been used across several religions for centuries as a form of prayer. One of the easiest ways to practice is to meditate with mala or rosary beads and repeat a mantra as you slide your fingers over each bed until you finish the band of 108 beads. The wonderful thing about Manasika Japa, or the practice of silent mantra repetition, is that it can be practiced at any time and any place. Even without mala beads, the repetition of calling in the names of deities at a slow, steady pace have wonderful calming effects.

 Health & Yoga gives us some great examples of mantras to practice:


3. Write positive affirmations around your home or work space-

As humans, our minds tend to wander as our days get filled with work and stress. To help re-calibrate, visuals of positive affirmations around our home space or work environments are great reminders to take a moment, breathe and refuel on the good energy. Writing weekly affirmations on my mirror with a dry erase marker is one of my favorite methods. What do you want to claim? You are already there!



Cheers to clearing your mind this week, opening your heart and living from you soul!