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Love in all weather.
— 1/31/16 - Inspired by David M, Yoga Teacher at Core Power Yoga
“Rest to realign. That is what will set us free in this path to meet the divine. “
— 2/15/16 - Inspired by Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love
“Saturate yourself in the hands of grace. It is none but the ride in this sweet, soulful carriage which will soothe your weary head. The gentle yet firm glide to the heavens is what you’re really after. Rest and reconnect, child. The rest is taken care of.
— 2/15/16 - Inspired by the connection within my heart
With us the name of everything is its outward appearance; with the Creator, the name of each thing is its individual reality.
— Rumi
Our deepest desire is to dance. To dance fully, freely and deeply. This space brings us from the unreal to the real. It’s a place where the illusion beaks through and the freedom clings true. This is the place where Shakti lives.
— 3/04/16 - Inspired by Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti